1990-96 Dodge Dakota

Solid and robust, a Dakota makes a good practical choice. A long-wheelbase version with the 8-foot bed might serve nearly as well as a full-size pickup...

1997-04 Dodge Dakota

Dakota offers a bit more interior space and towing capacity than compact pickup rivals, and a significant advantage in payload capacity. If you like the styling, the rest of the truck probably [...]

2005-11 Dodge Dakota

Dakota impresses with refinement, available all-wheel drive, and curtain side airbags. They're a bit too big for easy daily commuting, but a V8 model is a terrific choice if you tow or do heavy [...]

2006-14 Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline blends pickup utility with carlike civility in a solid, sensible, Honda-style package. The light-duty design won't suit hardcore truckers, but they aren't likely to be Honda-shopping [...]

2007-14 GMC Acadia

Acadia is tailor-made for buyers who need a minivan but don't want to drive one. This Best Buy (2007-12) crossover is dynamically capable, came standard with a host of safety features, and [...]

2009-12 Suzuki Equator

Like the Nissan Frontier on which it's based, the Suzuki Equator is a credible compact-pickup contender with the option of a powerful V6 engine, middle-of-the-pack size, and new-vehicle options [...]

1993-98 Toyota T100

The bottom line is this: If you want more than a compact pickup, don't need a V8 engine, and think getting added refinement is worth paying a little extra to get, the T100 is a great way to go...

2002-07 Subaru Impreza

With the 2002 redesign, Impreza sticker prices moved above the Honda Civic to Volkswagen Jetta level. But workmanship and refinement belie Subaru's "premium small car" billing. Still, all-wheel [...]

2007-10 Saturn Outlook

Impressive overall, Saturn's Outlook is a Best Buy based on its spacious cargo and passenger accommodations (close to large-SUV class); refined, responsive drivetrain; and car-like driving [...]

1998-04 Nissan Frontier

Neither the brawniest nor the most refined compact truck of them all, Frontier is still worth a close look. If the truck you find fits your needs, Frontier rates among the better small pickups...

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