2005-14 Ford Mustang

We prefer the GT versions, but any Mustang has all-American bang-for-the-buck appeal. The main letdowns are low-rent cabin appointments and occasional workmanship lapses. V6 versions are close to [...]

2015 Ford Mustang

The long-awaited sixth-generation Mustang satisfied both diehard enthusiasts and casual buyers who want a sporty, fun-to-drive coupe. The sixth-generation car rectified the primary shortcomings [...]

2007-14 Volkswagen Eos

Eos's strengths are its comfortable ride, fine handling, and the choice of open-air driving or hardtop security. Weaknesses include a tight rear seat and minimal cargo space. Overall, Eos bests [...]

2006-13 Volvo C70

Although it ranks a step below most like-priced convertibles for all-around performance, the C70 is a pleasant, stylish, well-built blend of top-down fun and fixed-roof security. A comfortable [...]

2009-14 Nissan 370Z

Though smaller on the outside than the 350Z it replaced, the latest generation of Nissan's iconic "Z car" feels more grown-up. While it's on the noisy side, its strong acceleration, potent [...]

2006-13 Lexus IS

The original IS 300 was basically an upgraded Japanese-market Toyota, but its premium-compact replacements impress as true-Lexus in design, features, and materials. Overall, these fun-to-drive [...]

2007-14 Jaguar XK Series

An enticing blend of grown-up performance and sporty luxury earns the XK Recommended (2007-12) status. The XKR adds even more performance and sharper handling. Rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz SL [...]