2013-15 Honda Accord

In the face of ever-improving midsize rivals, Honda redesigned the Accord for 2013 with an admirable focus on maintaining the car's individual character. The Accord delivers tangible improvements [...]

2013-15 Ford C-MAX

C-MAX Hybrid is aimed squarely at Toyota's wildly successful Prius family, and it comes closer than any other hybrid to hitting the mark. Part of its appeal stems from the fact that the Hybrid [...]

2013-15 Chevrolet Spark

The likable Spark is something more than the sum of its unexceptional parts. For city dwellers who rarely venture onto the highway, Spark's satisfying low-speed throttle response, tidy turning [...]

2008-14 Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo is a radical design statement that favors minuscule exterior dimensions, tight-quarters maneuverability, and fuel efficiency over pleasant road manners and passenger/cargo space. [...]

2011-14 Nissan Leaf

Were it a conventional or gas/electric hybrid compact car, Leaf would be a decent value. It drives well and is reasonably practical. As a pure-electric car, however, it works exceptionally well. [...]

2009-13 Honda Fit

As before, Fit's strongest selling points are its impressive passenger accommodations and large, versatile cargo space. Sport models add a touch of fun-to-drive appeal. While new-car prices have [...]

2008-13 BMW 1-Series

Whatever the 1-Series coupe and convertible give up in size to their larger 3-Series counterparts seemed well worth the $5000-10,000 price differential when these cars were new-unless rear-seat [...]