2011-14 Nissan Leaf

Were it a conventional or gas/electric hybrid compact car, Leaf would be a decent value. It drives well and is reasonably practical. As a pure-electric car, however, it works exceptionally well. [...]

2008-14 Mitsubishi Lancer

Regular Lancers ride and handle well enough, but cost cutting is evident in too many places (especially inside the cabin) for this to rank as a strong value. These small sedans haven't raised the [...]

2010-13 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

In its base HSE form, Range Rover Sport isn't as aggressively sporty as some comparably priced high-performance SUVs. Supercharged models raise the performance bar significantly, but at a stiff [...]

2011-14 Kia Sportage

Some visibility was sacrificed to the racy styling, and interior materials and fuel economy fall a bit below par for the class. Otherwise, Sportage delivers a host of standard features, plus an [...]

2007-13 MINI Cooper

Minis may look like economy cars, but these Recommended picks are actually sporty driving machines. Base models have no surplus of power, but S versions are quick, and all handle with the agility [...]

2011-14 MINI Cooper Countryman

With this new four-door model, Mini brings its characteristic "go-kart" driving dynamics to the compact-SUV segment. Many thoughtful features, creative storage solutions, and customization [...]

2011-14 Chrysler 300

Chrysler's latest, freshened 300 retains its unique style but in a package that's more refined than the prior-generation car. It makes up for merely average handling and rear-seat room with a [...]

2008-14 Cadillac CTS

Major interior upgrades addressed the previous CTS' most glaring flaws, while the new direct-injection engine delivers class-appropriate refinement and performance. Cadillac's smallest sedan is [...]

2010-14 Buick LaCrosse

Buick claims to target both the Acura TL and Lexus ES 350 with LaCrosse, but in reality it is only the Lexus that has been successfully challenged. Though lacking the TL's sporty nature, LaCrosse [...]

2008-13 BMW 1-Series

Whatever the 1-Series coupe and convertible give up in size to their larger 3-Series counterparts seemed well worth the $5000-10,000 price differential when these cars were new-unless rear-seat [...]

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