1990-92 Dodge Monaco

Never a strong seller, the Monaco, like its Premier sibling, blends distinctive Italian design with practical family travel. The ES, in particular, packed a lot of luxury items into its [...]

1995-99 Dodge Neon

In all, Neon offers a solid domestic alternative to the imports. Whether to pick a Dodge or Plymouth is a matter of individual choice; except for the insignia on the body, they're exactly the [...]

1990-93 Dodge Ram Pickup

If you need a truck for hard work, look for a Ram. But if leisure activities are your prime consideration, or you prefer a dual-usage vehicle, consider Ford and GM pickups first...

1990-93 Dodge Ramcharger

All in all, a compact sport-utility like the Ford Explorer or Jeep Grand Cherokee makes more sense than a Ramcharger or any other full-size SUV...

1991-96 Dodge Stealth

Appealing more because of its style and performance than its practical virtues, Dodge's sports coupe scores high on that level. But a Stealth is not nearly as successful as a daily driver...

1995-00 Dodge Stratus

Overall, the large, comfortable interior; moderate price; and attractive styling make the well-equipped Stratus a good buy. Our only reservation might be Chrysler's past reputation for poor build [...]

1997-04 Dodge Dakota

Dakota offers a bit more interior space and towing capacity than compact pickup rivals, and a significant advantage in payload capacity. If you like the styling, the rest of the truck probably [...]

1998-03 Dodge Durango

Despite a few demerits, Durango is a well-designed truck that approaches full-size models for brawn and space, and therefore deserves strong consideration as a late-model, secondhand SUV...

1998-04 Dodge Intrepid

When first seen as 1998 models, both the Intrepid and the Chrysler Concorde made other full-size automobiles look--and feel--dated. Roomy, athletic, and eye-catching, handling much like European [...]

1992-02 Dodge Viper

Each year, Dodge has built just enough Vipers to keep demand ahead of supply, selling them with little discounting. Some of the early crudities were improved over the years, but Viper remains a [...]

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