2012-15 Ford Focus Electric

Focus Electric is among the more rewarding pure-electric vehicles to drive. And, for the most part, it feels like a conventional Focus. When new, prices were high compared to the Chevrolet Volt [...]

2013-15 Ford Fusion

The Fusion is another solid new product from Ford. It has many strong points, but there are a couple weak spots as well. We really like the option of several different powertrains. Especially [...]

2015 Ford Edge

The previous-generation Edge was beginning to feel a bit long in the tooth, but this welcome redesign brought it fully up to date. Though the “traditional” 5-passenger crossover SUV had been [...]

2011-15 Chevrolet Volt

Volt is a technological wonder that offers the ability to drive on electric power only (for a limited distance), while its gas engine relieves the "range anxiety" often associated with [...]

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