1991-95 Dodge Caravan

The Caravan's initial basic design lasted more than a decade, and most of the bugs were worked out in the first generation. With so much versatility, these vans are an exceptional secondhand [...]

1996-00 Dodge Caravan

This assessment is simple: Caravans and their Chrysler-Plymouth cousins rank at the head of their class, just as their predecessors did...

2001-04 Dodge Caravan

Caravan's hold on the minivan sales title can only be strengthened by the 2001 redesign, which added desirable innovations to a vehicle that's hard to beat for refinement, utility, and carlike [...]

2005-07 Dodge Caravan

Dodge Caravan and its fancier Chrysler Town & Country sibling have laudable road manners and take a back seat to no minivan for convenience and utility. Toyota's Sienna and Honda's Odyssey [...]

2008-14 Dodge Grand Caravan

With four-cylinder and short-wheelbase models gone, Dodge focused its attention on the heart of the minivan market. Grand Caravan is tailor-made for families with a need for space and a desire [...]

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