2006-11 Honda Civic

Dynamically, Civic matches the class-leading Volkswagen Jetta and Mazda 3. That's high praise, even if the Honda isn't quite as substantial feeling as the Jetta; or, except for the Si, quite as [...]

1995-00 Dodge Stratus

Overall, the large, comfortable interior; moderate price; and attractive styling make the well-equipped Stratus a good buy. Our only reservation might be Chrysler's past reputation for poor build [...]

1995-00 Chrysler Cirrus

This highly capable family 4-door equals its Japanese competition in many areas, and beats them soundly for passenger and cargo space...

1996-99 Acura SLX

All told, the SLX delivers a hefty, rugged feel. Excellent detail workmanship is evident throughout the vehicle. Abundant passenger and cargo room and solid construction are also definite [...]

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