2009-13 Toyota Corolla

Toyota's take-no-chances approach has served legions of Corolla buyers who want a quiet, soft ride, and value good fuel economy over lively performance. The current model doesn't stray from that [...]

1993-97 Toyota Corolla

Corollas generally sold for more than comparable subcompact rivals, so expect preowned models to also be priced a bit more, given Toyota's generally high resale value and strong reputation for [...]

1990-92 Toyota Corolla

This version of the well-built subcompact offers a more refined feel, smoother ride, and stronger performance than its 1980s predecessor, plus frugal gas mileage. We've ranked it among the [...]

1998-02 Toyota Corolla

Ranked as a Best Buy for new-car shoppers, Corolla is also appealing secondhand--but prices aren't the lowest by any means in the subcompact league...

2003-08 Toyota Corolla

Not as refined as it could be, the Corolla nevertheless offers fine value for the money. Toyota's reputation for reliability qualifies this sedan for Recommended status. Honda Civic, Ford Focus, [...]

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