2006-09 Pontiac Torrent

A base Torrent makes some sense as a space-efficient people mover with attractive pricing. Overall refinement trails class leaders, however. Vague steering and sloppy handling take all the fun [...]

1999-05 Pontiac Grand Am

"Expressive" styling and a sporty nature draw a lot of customers to Grand Ams, but the compact isn't as far ahead in basic engineering and construction. Though less refined than some rivals, it's [...]

2008-09 Pontiac G8

Any G8 is on the sporty end of the full-size-car class, with potent engines, balanced handling, and a roomy interior. The V8 is the better value, with appreciably stronger performance offsetting [...]

1995-05 Pontiac Sunfire

Well-equipped when new, Sunfires make good choices in the subcompact league. Except for sportier styling touches from Pontiac, however, differences between Sunfires and Cavaliers are modest...

2009-09 Pontiac G3

Like the Chevrolet Aveo upon which it is based, G3 is not a quiet car. While we've not measured a G3's fuel economy, our experience with the similar Aveo indicates that this Pontiac's mileage [...]

2001-05 Pontiac Aztek

Aztek is as comfortable as any SUV, and packed with features designed for active folks, but cannot venture far off road. Assembly quality and budget-grade cabin materials won't please the [...]