2003-12 Saab 9-3

Its front-wheel-drive layout prevents the 9-3 from competing with the best-in-class for ultimate handling prowess. Then again, front-drive has been a Saab hallmark for decades. Key rivals offer [...]

2005-06 Saab 9-2X

Saab's changes to exterior styling, sound deadening, and interior trim do their part to disguise this car's Subaru Impreza origins. And the versatile wagon body style and all-season AWD traction [...]

2005-09 Saab 9-7X

Saab's SUV makes the most of its shared architecture. The 9-7X delivers better driving dynamics and interior design than the General Motors SUVs on which it's based. However, compared with the [...]

2010-11 Saab 9-5

In terms of ride comfort, driving dynamics, cabin appointments, and overall refinement, the 9-5 comes up short compared to the competition. Even without taking Saab's demise into account, there [...]

1994-98 Saab 900

Mainstream shoppers interested in a near-luxury car still aren't likely to put the Saab 900 on their must-see list, but we credit Saab with making a better 900 for those who love and appreciate [...]

1990-98 Saab 9000

A lot of premium sedans are on the market with similar prices, from the BMW 3-Series and Lexus ES 300 to the more recent Mazda Millenia and Oldsmobile Aurora. So, check out several before buying...

1999-02 Saab 9-3

All models have their charms, but are compromised by turbo-engine performance. Saab loyalists are likely to love the quirky 9-3, but a Volvo S70 sedan or V70 wagon might be a more prudent choice [...]

1999-09 Saab 9-5

Overall, the 9-5 is an impressive European car with a distinct personality that appeals to individualists and to anyone interested in efficient design. They're mighty satisfying and fairly [...]