2014 X1

2014 BMW X1

Pros: Impressive handling for an SUV; polished, refined interior; decent interior room, considering the 2014 X1’s compact exterior size

Cons: Compromised acceleration in ECO-PRO mode; some testers found the auto start/stop feature coarse and intrusive; M Sport package makes for a stiffer ride

CG Says: If you like BMW’s X3 and X5 crossovers, but find them too big or too pricey, be sure to drive an X1. We were impressed with the 28i model’s power, and the handling is a treat. This small SUV maintains most of its bigger siblings’ best features but concentrates them down to a more accessible, yet still handy, size. The X1 is a fine place to look for those who crave owning a premium brand but don’t necessarily want to pay the high prices that are usually part of the deal. Be careful picking extras though—it’s possible to add $10,000 or more to the sticker price of the 2014 X1.

2014 BMW X1