Some vehicles are placed in this class more for their “premium” status than for being exceptionally large. In fact, there’s quite a size difference between the smallest in the class and the largest, though all are plenty spacious in the grand scheme of things. In terms of length, the smallest entry is the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser at 195 inches stem to stern. Contrast that to the longest—the Cadillac Escalade ESV—at 224 inches. But the Land Cruiser starts at a thoroughly premium $85,000, so we feel its inclusion in the class is entirely justified.

Speaking of prices, the least-expensive vehicle in this class—the Audi Q7—starts at around $51,000, so consider that the ante. The rest start above $65,000 and go up considerably from there.

All but one of the SUVs on this list offer versions with three rows of seats, typically with 8-passenger capacity. They all either come standard with all-wheel drive or offer it in place of rear-wheel drive.


The Lincoln Navigator is redesigned, gaining aluminum-alloy body panels, a 450-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and a host of new comfort and technology features. The Infiniti QX80 has revised exterior and interior styling for 2018. The Land Rover Range Rover gets a refresh that includes facelifted exterior styling and a revamped interior with a new infotainment system and massaging 24-way-adjustable seats. A plug-in-hybrid Range Rover P400e, with 398 total horsepower and an electric-only driving range of 31 miles, is slated to debut as a 2019 model. The rest of the class sees minor changes such as a shuffling of standard and optional equipment.