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Genesis GV60

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Ram 1500

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Ford Maverick

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Nissan Versa

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2023 Genesis GV60

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2023 Genesis G80 Electrified: Guest Drive

12 Apr 2024

Although it may sound relatively simple, going from gasoline to electric propulsion is fairly complicated. The hardest part is packaging: taking out an engine in the front of the car and then adding electric motors and a large battery pack takes some creativity—and the result isn’t always going to be ideal.

Isuzu Nagisa: Forgotten Concept

11 Apr 2024

Nagisa means “calm beach” in Japanese, and it has been theorized in online forums that this water-capable Isuzu was designed to help reduce traffic congestion in crowded cities including Tokyo. Indeed, Tokyo features countless waterways and ocean inlets, though how easily those channels could be accessed by an automobile is unclear, and, there is no record of Isuzu having ever claimed the Nagisa was meant to help move ground traffic into the water.

2025 Toyota 4Runner: Coming Soon

10 Apr 2024

Long overdue for a serious update, Toyota’s popular--and off-road capable--4Runner midsize SUV has been redesigned for the 2025 model year. The popular truck, which serves as a rugged alternative to Toyota’s refined Highlander crossover, has gone largely unchanged since 2010.

Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast Episode 214: Tesla Abandons $25,000 Model, Jill Drives the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Talking to the EVP of SUV Startup Ineos

Car Stuff Podcast
08 Apr 2024

Tom and Jill welcome Greg Clark, Vice President of Ineos Automotive of the Americas to the show. Greg talked about the Ineos Grenadier, an off-road SUV, which is now on sale in the States. The Grenadier was designed to be an homage to the original Land Rover Defender, and is built for severe rock-crawling activity.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness: 5 Cool Things

08 Apr 2024

Conceptually, I sort of thought of the Crosstrek as the “Wilderness” version of the compact Subaru Impreza, but, Wilderness takes things up a notch…or two. For folks not in the know, the Wilderness trim level elevates standard Subaru models in terms of off-road prowess, and—and this is important—design intensity. You will know a Wilderness model when you see one.