BMW 5-Series
BMW 5-Series
BMW 5-Series Interior

2014 BMW 5-Series sedan

Pros: Excellent ride and handling balance; impressive build quality and materials; available all-wheel drive; addition of a diesel-powered model for 2014

Cons: Steep prices escalate even further as options are added; intrusive automatic start/stop system; rear-seat legroom is not particularly generous

CG Says: BMW’s midsize car gains an available 255-hp 3.0-liter diesel engine for 2014, while the 550i gets a more-powerful turbocharged V8 with 445 hp. The 2014 BMW 5-Series remains a fine choice for high-end shoppers who want to be fully immersed in the driving experience. That driving experience will cost you, as any version of this midsize sedan can get very pricey when equipped with even a partial load of its numerous technology and convenience features. Availability of a manual transmission on 6-cylinder and V8-powered models is not something you typically find in this class, and it’s something we appreciate. Just make sure you factor in the required federal gas-guzzler tax if you want this transmission and the V8.

BMW 5-Series Active Hybrid
2014 BMW ActiveHybrid 5
BMW 5-Series
2014 BMW 5-Series M Sport
BMW 5-Series
2014 BMW M5
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