Voice Recognition

In some navigation systems, the computer can understand a destination stated verbally by the driver and calculate a route accordingly, with no need to use a keypad to enter a street or number.

Traction Control

Helps limit tire slip during acceleration on slippery surfaces. Sensors determine whether the wheels that are receiving power have lost traction. The system automatically “pumps” the brake to [...]

Tire-Pressure Monitor

Displays a warning on the instrument panel if one or more tires are under- or over-inflated. The warning will come on if one tire goes flat, but will also come on if, for instance, cold weather [...]

Side Airbags

Designed to protect occupants in a side collision. Some side airbags are shaped to provide protection for just the torso, others for both the torso and head in a side collision. Some are mounted [...]

Satellite Radio

Systems such as Sirius XM provide radio reception via satellites rather than the customary AM/FM broadcast method. Each service charges a monthly fee for delivering a large number of [...]

Rearview Camera

When the transmission is put into reverse, a camera mounted near the rear license plate turns on and displays an image of what’s behind the vehicle on a dashboard screen, or sometimes on the left [...]