1990-92 Ford Ranger

With a Ranger, we're talking quality and refinement in a pleasant vehicle that's easy to live with. We'd put it first on our early '90s shopping list, but also take a close look at Ranger's [...]

1993-97 Ford Ranger

Ford sought a more carlike look and feel for its Ranger--and succeeded. Some rugged truck characteristics may have been gone, but we view the changes as improvements. Ranger remained one of the [...]

1998-11 Ford Ranger

Yes, Ranger lacks the V8 of a Dodge Dakota and the smooth V6 offered by Chevy. Nevertheless, the Ranger is refined, well-built, and priced sensibly. No wonder Ranger has been the top-selling [...]

2007-14 Jeep Wrangler

The 2007 redesign was the first in a decade for this SUV icon. While it improved Wrangler in many important ways, this Jeep remains a limited-purpose machine that's definitely not for everyone. [...]

2013-14 Infiniti JX/QX60

JX does a terrific job filling the gap in Infiniti's product lineup between the sporty FX and large QX56. Urbane cabin appointments with simple (for the class anyway) controls and a serene [...]

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