2009-14 Nissan GT-R

Simply put, GT-R is a performance bargain, new or used-though new-car prices shot upward after the car's introduction .More quirky than most rivals, this all-wheel-drive Nissan coupe offers [...]

2009-14 Nissan Maxima

Maxima fills a space between the more sedate Altima and the sportier, premium-level G37 from Nissan's Infiniti division. Although Maxima fails to strike an ideal ride and handling balance, it [...]

2009-14 Nissan Murano

The redesigned-for-2009 Murano is a likable SUV that has retained that model's secure handling, comfortable interior, cargo utility, and strong, refined powertrain. Midsize SUV shoppers would be [...]

2004-14 Nissan Armada

Armada doesn't lead its class in any area. And it trails key rivals in 3rd-row comfort and ease of entry/exit. Still, engine performance is laudable, and prices generally undercut those of [...]

2011-14 Nissan Juke

Radical styling, a peppy turbocharged powertrain, nimble handling, and available all-wheel drive give Nissan's Juke a distinct, sporty personality that stands out among similarly-sized subcompact [...]

2011-14 Nissan Leaf

Were it a conventional or gas/electric hybrid compact car, Leaf would be a decent value. It drives well and is reasonably practical. As a pure-electric car, however, it works exceptionally well. [...]

2011-14 Nissan Quest

Model-year 2011 might be considered the year of the minivan. Redesigned products from the major players in this class meant competition has been stiff for Nissan's new Quest. A strong engine, [...]

2004-14 Nissan Titan

Titan is strong competition for large domestic pickups in performance, comfort, utility, and available safety features. Some buyers may miss the regular-length cab and longer cargo beds available [...]

2005-14 Nissan Xterra

Xterra is slightly smaller than most in the midsize SUV class, hence the somewhat tight interior space. Its off-road orientation accounts for sub par ride comfort, and its backwoods-ready [...]