2015 CR-Z

2014 Honda CR-Z

Pros: Decently spacious for a two-seat sporty coupe; good build quality; fairly absorbent, comfortable ride for a sporty car

Cons: Not as fun to drive as a true sports car, not as economical as most similarly-priced hybrids; poor rear visibility

CG Says: While the idea of a sporty car that’s also a gas/electric hybrid is a bit puzzling, we can’t complain much about Honda’s execution of the concept. CR-Z gets great fuel economy while being solidly built, pretty fun to drive, and not outrageously priced. Its 2-passenger seating, small cargo area, and restricted visibility will limit its appeal. However, if you want to lower your fuel consumption and have a good time doing it, you’d do well to check out this sporty hatchback.

HPD Supercharged CR-Z
2014 Honda CR-Z