2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT Coupe

Pros: Posh trimmings; dazzling styling; blistering performance of XKR models; impressive handling and agility for a relatively hefty car; lusty engine noises

Cons: Rear seat is a token gesture—it’s virtually uninhabitable by adults; lousy fuel economy in XKR models; complicated touchscreen is often slow to respond to user inputs

CG Says: Jaguar’s flagship sporty coupes and convertibles gain a super-limited-edition XKR-S GT coupe model for 2014, plus an optional Performance Pack that includes an active exhaust system and special trim. As ever, the XK appeals for offering all the class, refinement, and luxury of Jaguar sedans in a sportier, more “personal” package. The XKR adds near-supercar performance and sharper handling. The top-cat XKR-S is a pricey, track-focused collector’s item, though still everyday useable. But the real value standouts here are the new Tourings, which cost considerably less than base XKs, yet sacrifice virtually nothing in performance and sex appeal, though they’re not available with a number of the “Base” models’ amenities. In today’s economic climate, they look a very smart move.

2014 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible