2011-14 Nissan Quest

Model-year 2011 might be considered the year of the minivan. Redesigned products from the major players in this class meant competition has been stiff for Nissan's new Quest. A strong engine, [...]

2006-14 Kia Sedona

Sedona and Entourage, which share basic design, don't rank with Best Buy minivans in terms of ride quality, powertrain response, or squeak-free construction. Even so, they earn Recommended [...]

2008-14 Dodge Grand Caravan

With four-cylinder and short-wheelbase models gone, Dodge focused its attention on the heart of the minivan market. Grand Caravan is tailor-made for families with a need for space and a desire [...]

2008-14 Chrysler Town & Country

Town & Country boasts all the space, functionality, and available power a minivan shopper could want. Along with the Grand Caravan from sister division Dodge, these minivans may not be as sporty [...]

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