1992-97 Toyota Paseo

Paseos aren't the best or the cheapest small sport coupes. Because convertibles were available for such a short time, they're sure to be rarities on the used-car market...

1995-98 Toyota Tercel

Far from exciting in concept or reality, Tercel's mission has been to be the least-expensive Toyota, and it shows against the plusher, more substantial Corolla and other subcompact leaders. On [...]

2000-05 Toyota Echo

Pleasant and efficient, the Echo blends tempting prices with Toyota's strong reputation for quality and reliability. Sales have been tepid for such an affordable car, suggesting that the targeted [...]

2000-05 Toyota MR2 Spyder

Nimble and eager, the MR2 delivers genuine sports-car thrills. Compared to the more practical Miata, however, it's more of a short-haul commuter or weekend toy. Workmanship on an early test MR2 [...]

2003-08 Toyota Matrix

Though slightly tamer than Pontiac's Vibe in character, the Matrix is an interesting alternative to conventional small wagons and compact SUVs. Utility, fine road manners, available AWD, and [...]

1993-01 Subaru Impreza

With the exception of available AWD, the Impreza fails to stand apart. Later models might be more tempting--especially the Outback Sport wagon or the 2.5 RS coupe...

2002-07 Subaru Impreza

With the 2002 redesign, Impreza sticker prices moved above the Honda Civic to Volkswagen Jetta level. But workmanship and refinement belie Subaru's "premium small car" billing. Still, all-wheel [...]

2004-06 Scion xA

It may be badged a Scion, but the xA is pure Toyota. That implies solid workmanship and long-lived reliability, plus strong resale values, though it's too early to tell how Scions fare on that [...]

1991-95 Saturn Sedan/Wagon

Saturn sedans aren't the best choice in a subcompact, but overall they rank only slightly below the class-leading Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla...

1996-02 Saturn Sedan/Wagon

Despite some real improvements, these sedans and wagons still lag behind such rivals as the Civic and Corolla...

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