2015 ForTwo Electric Drive

2014 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

Pros: Outstanding close-quarters maneuverability; incredibly easy to park; fashion-forward styling; quicker, smoother acceleration and better ride quality than gas-engine Smart ForTwo; low-cost operation

Cons: Limited driving range; charging times; tight passenger and cargo space; no Level 3 charging capability, sparse dealer network

2014 ForTwo Electric Drive

CG Says: The electric version of the Smart ForTwo sees little change for the 2014 model year. Smart ForTwo Electric Drive models use an electric motor that sends 96 pound-feet of torque and an estimated 74 horsepower through a single-speed transmission. The motor is powered by a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack situated beneath the cabin floor. Coupe and cabriolet models are available, both with rear-wheel drive. Smart says the Electric Drive’s battery pack needs about 14 hours for a full recharge from a 110-volt plug and about 6 hours from a 240-volt outlet. The battery can also be partially recharged while driving via a regenerative-braking feature. Claimed maximum driving range is about 83 miles.

All-new smart fortwo electric drive
2014 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive