2014 Prius
2012 Toyota Prius
2012 Toyota Prius

2014 Toyota Prius

Pros: Outstanding fuel economy; well-designed cabin provides decent passenger space for the size; futuristic yet ergonomic dashboard layout

Cons: Middling acceleration; few stand-alone options; uninspiring handling–not much fun to drive

CG Says: The 2014 Toyota Prius is a fine compact car that just happens to achieve some of the best fuel economy we’ve ever experienced. There are some compromises, namely in terms of acceleration, rear visibility, and a somewhat cheap-looking interior. In the grand scheme of things, these are fairly minor niggles given the car’s decent ride, usefully accommodating cabin, and exceptional cargo versatility. Our top Prius picks are the II, III, and IV models, which offer most every feature buyers could want at very aggressive prices.

2012 Toyota Prius Plugin
2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in
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