Premium sporty/performance car; Built in USA
  • 2-door convertible
  • 2-door coupe
  • longitudinal front-engine/rear-wheel drive
Good condition price range: $4,800 – $12,700*

1994 Chevrolet Corvette 2-door hatchback

1991 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 interior

1991 Chevrolet Corvette 2-door convertible

1994 Chevrolet Corvette interior

1995 Chevorlet Corvette ZR-1 2-door hatchback

  • Acceleration
  • Antilock brakes
  • Steering/handling
  • Entry/exit
  • Fuel economy
  • Noise
  • Price
  • Ride

Rivals such as a Nissan 300ZX Turbo and Toyota Supra are more refined, but simply cannot match a Corvette’s all-American macho flavor. To those who love them, there’s simply nothing like a Corvette.


Chevy’s sports car got its first facelift since the two-seater was redesigned as an ’84 model, though its basic structure remained the same. All models got a convex tail and square taillamps, previously installed only on the hyper-performance ZR-1 coupe. A tapered lower nose held wraparound inserts for fog lamps and turn signals. A cooler for power-steering fluid went into all Corvettes. All models had a driver-side airbag. Both engines drove a 6-speed manual transmission, with 4-speed automatic optional only on base models. The L98 V8 developed 245 horsepower, versus 375 for the ZR-1.

Yearly Updates

1992 Corvette
A new LT1 base engine delivered 55 more horsepower than the prior L98, peaking at 5000 rpm (1000 above the L98). Torque dropped a bit, to 330 pound-feet. All Corvettes gained traction control. A dash button can switch it off. “ZR1” fender badges now decorated that model.
1993 Corvette
The ZR-1 gained strength for 1993, making 405 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque (up from 375 and 370, respectively). Base models got narrower front tires and wider rears. To mark the Corvette’s 40th birthday, an anniversary trim package included Ruby Red paint, leather sport buckets, and headrest embroidery.
1994 Corvette
A passenger-side airbag went into 1994 models. Corvette’s automatic transmission gained electronic shift controls and an interlock. The revamped interior featured a knee bolster and new seats with leather upholstery. Convertibles received a heated glass rear window. The ZR-1 gained new 5-spoke aluminum wheels.
1995 Corvette
Base-model Corvettes got the heavy-duty brakes that had been standard on the high-performance ZR-1. Automatic-transmission Corvettes gained a transmission-fluid temperature gauge. The ZR-1 disappeared in spring 1995, after which a 330-horsepower Grand Sport would assume its role as hottest Corvette of them all.
1996 Corvette
Two special models arrived in this generation’s final season, as did a new high-output engine. Chevrolet planned to build a thousand Grand Sport coupes and convertibles. Each got blue paint with a white stripe, and black 5-spoke alloy wheels. Grand Sport coupes rode wider tires with small rear fender flares. Collector Edition Corvettes came in both body styles, with silver paint and 5-spoke alloy wheels. A new LT4 engine developed 330 horsepower, offered only with a 6-speed manual transmission.


longitudinal front-engine/rear-wheel drive

Corvettes in 1991 still employed the L98 V8 engine, rated at 245 horsepower, which had served through the 1980s. A dual overhead-cam, 32-valve V8 of the same size went into the ultraperformance ZR-1 coupe. That engine whipped up 375 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. A 6-speed manual gearbox was the sole choice for the ZR-1. Other Corvettes might have a 4-speed automatic. For 1992, the new LT1 engine made 300 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Output of the ZR-1 engine grew in 1993, to 405 horses and 385 pound-feet. The 330-horsepower LT4 engine introduced for 1996 was standard on the Grand Sport and optional on others.

ohv V8
Engine Size (liters/cubic inches) 5.7/350
Engine HP 245
Engine Torque (lb-ft) 340
Avail. Trans. EPA MPG (city/hwy) MPG avg. as tested
6-speed manual
4-speed automatic
ohv V8
Engine Size (liters/cubic inches) 5.7/350
Engine HP 300-330
Engine Torque (lb-ft) 330-340
Avail. Trans. EPA MPG (city/hwy) MPG avg. as tested
6-speed manual
4-speed automatic
dohc V8
Engine Size (liters/cubic inches) 5.7/350
Engine HP 375-405
Engine Torque (lb-ft) 370-385
Avail. Trans. EPA MPG (city/hwy) MPG avg. as tested
6-speed manual


Road Test

Since the beginning, Corvettes have been cars for those who enjoy life in the fast lane–and are willing to sacrifice some comfort for the privilege. Improved assembly has greatly reduced the number of squeaks and rattles. The ’90s suspension no longer jars your teeth while passing over bumps, but it’s still quite firm. Corvettes offer great grip and ultraquick reflexes, though bumpy roads upset the composure of the stiff suspension. On the positive side, wide tires, a firm suspension, and a low center of gravity allow Corvettes to handle like a race car as long as the pavement is reasonably smooth.

Getting in and out of the deep bucket seats in the pitlike cabin tends to be a challenge. Luggage space and interior room are at a premium, and visibility could be better. Noise levels are high. A husky exhaust note is prominent at all times, accompanied by abundant tire noise at highway speeds.

Acceleration is sheer magnificence: lusty and bold, whether from the standard LT1 engine in 1992-96 models, the prior L98, or the super-powered ZR-1. Each engine delivers a seamless rush of power from virtually any speed, causing the car to vault ahead under moderate to hard throttle. An LT1 pushes you back in your seat all the way to its 5500-rpm redline and feels discernably smoother than its predecessor. Fuel economy is nothing to boast about. There’s an undeniable performance advantage in the ZR-1 package, but not enough to justify the huge prices that model still commands.

Acceleration Slip Regulation in 1992-96 models squelches the wheel spin that nearly incapacitated earlier Corvettes when accelerating on slippery surfaces.


Model Tested: 1994 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

Ratings values are on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the best. With the exception of Value, these numbers reflect how the vehicle compares against the universe of vehicles, not just against rivals in its class.


Acceleration - 8
Fuel Economy - 2
Ride Quality - 2
Steering/Handling - 9
Quietness - 2


Controls/Materials - 3
Room/Comfort Front - 4
Room/Comfort Rear - 0
Cargo Room - 2


Value - 4

Total: 36


2-door convertible
Wheelbase (in.) Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs)
96.2 178.5 73.1 47.3
Cargo Volume (cu/ft) Payload Capacity (cu/ft) Fuel Capacity (gal.) Seating Capacity
6.6 20.0 2
Headroom Legroom
Front Rear Front Rear
37.0 42.0
2-door coupe
Wheelbase (in.) Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs)
96.2 178.5 70.7 46.3
Cargo Volume (cu/ft) Payload Capacity (cu/ft) Fuel Capacity (gal.) Seating Capacity
12.6 20.0 2
Headroom Legroom
Front Rear Front Rear
36.5 42.0
Safety Ratings

Model Tested: 1995 Corvette 2-door coupe


(5 is the highest rating)

Front Impact Test

Driver Injury - N/A
Front Passenger Injury - N/A

Side Impact Test

Driver Injury - N/A
Rear Passenger Injury - N/A


(A score of 100 is average. Lower is better)

Collision 152
Injury 75
Theft 355

Trouble Spots

Automatic transmission
Description: Unless the shift-detent ball roller has been replaced, it may be hard to shift the manual 6-speed into reverse. (1995)
Climate control
Description: The CD player may skip when driving on rough roads unless foam tape was applied to the top and bottom of the radio. (1991-94)
Engine misfire
Description: The distributor-vacuum vent-wiring harness might rub the power-steering pulley. This can be fixed by tie-strapping the harness to the throttle body coolant hose. (1995)
Engine misfire
Description: If the engines with a manual 6-speed transmission surge or sag at engine speeds below 2500 rpm, there is a revised PROM to correct it. (1995)
Transmission leak
Description: Fluid may leak from the pump body on 4L60-E transmissions due to the pump bushing walking out of the valve body. (1995-96)

Recall History

1992-93 w/LT1 engine
Description: Power-steering gear-inlet hose can fracture, causing flammable fluid to spray into engine compartment.

Equipment Lists

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