2015 Infiniti Q60 Coupe (IPL Convertible interior)

Pros: Smooth, strong V6 engines; generous level of features for the money; available all-wheel drive in coupes

Cons: Stiff ride in IPL and Sport models; cramped back seat; convertible top operates slowly

CG Says: The Infiniti Q60 was formerly known as the G37 Coupe and Convertible; it got the new moniker for 2014, when Infiniti revamped its model-naming system. For 2015, the Q60 coupe lineup gets a Limited trim level that replaces the IPL model; Q60 convertibles see no changes of note. This Infiniti is more posh sports car than traditional luxury coupe, so it lags class rivals for interior space, overall refinement, and especially ride comfort. On the other hand, a distinctive blend of zesty performance, nimble handling, and racy style set the Q60 Coupe apart and is a strong attraction for certain buyers. The Q60 convertible’s spirited performance and urbane cabin make it an excellent alternative to luxury convertibles from Audi, BMW, and Lexus. Reasonable-for-the-class pricing is an asset of both coupe and convertible Q60s. However, we prefer the automatic transmission: The 6-speed manual is finicky to operate and can be a pain in city driving. We also find the Sport suspension a bit too stiff for everyday driving. Likewise, the IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) convertible is a tough sell because the few upgrades it offers are not enough to justify its steep price premium.

The Facts
Class Premium Sporty/Performance Car
Body Style(s) 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible
Passenger Count 4
Drive Wheels rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive
Manufacturer Infiniti
Nation of Manufacture Japan
Base Prices Journey coupe: $40,950
AWD Base coupe: $42,600
S coupe: $46,050
S Limited coupe: $47,700
Base convertible: $48,550
Sport convertible: $53,400
IPL convertible: $62,100

Base Engine
3.7-liter V6
330 (325 in convertible)
Std. Transmission
6-speed manual
Avail. Transmission
7-speed automatic
EPA City Range (mpg)
EPA Hwy Range (mpg)

Optional Engine
3.7-liter V6 (IPL Convertible)
Std. Transmission
7-speed automatic
Avail. Transmission
EPA City Range (mpg)
EPA Hwy Range (mpg)

2014 Q60 IPL Convertible
2015 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible