2003-08 Toyota Matrix

Though slightly tamer than Pontiac's Vibe in character, the Matrix is an interesting alternative to conventional small wagons and compact SUVs. Utility, fine road manners, available AWD, and [...]

1993-01 Subaru Impreza

With the exception of available AWD, the Impreza fails to stand apart. Later models might be more tempting--especially the Outback Sport wagon or the 2.5 RS coupe...

2002-07 Subaru Impreza

With the 2002 redesign, Impreza sticker prices moved above the Honda Civic to Volkswagen Jetta level. But workmanship and refinement belie Subaru's "premium small car" billing. Still, all-wheel [...]

2004-06 Scion xA

It may be badged a Scion, but the xA is pure Toyota. That implies solid workmanship and long-lived reliability, plus strong resale values, though it's too early to tell how Scions fare on that [...]

1991-95 Saturn Sedan/Wagon

Saturn sedans aren't the best choice in a subcompact, but overall they rank only slightly below the class-leading Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla...

1996-02 Saturn Sedan/Wagon

Despite some real improvements, these sedans and wagons still lag behind such rivals as the Civic and Corolla...

2003-07 Saturn Ion

Despite disappointing interior decor, Ion matches most like-priced competitors for comfort and performance, though Saturn trails in mechanical refinement. The Quad Coupe has more storage [...]

1995-99 Nissan Sentra

Solid and refined, Sentra looks like a good value in the small-car hunt. We'd even place it on a par with the Toyota Corolla--today's standard of comparison in the subcompact league...

1997-02 Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage is definitely worth a test drive if you're shopping in the Civic/Corolla neighborhood and wouldn't mind saving a few dollars...

1990-94 Mitsubishi Precis

In performance and overall quality, Precis and the similar Excel lag behind the class-leading Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Price is its foremost attraction...

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