2007-13 BMW X5

BMW's X5 excels for its fine balance of ride quality and sporty handling. Credit BMW for simplifying key functions in its iDrive control system, inducing less frustration than systems in some [...]

2008-13 BMW 1-Series

Whatever the 1-Series coupe and convertible give up in size to their larger 3-Series counterparts seemed well worth the $5000-10,000 price differential when these cars were new-unless rear-seat [...]

2008-14 BMW X6

All told, the X6 is a study in compromises. Though it accelerates and handles like a sporty coupe, the X6 will never be as agile, due simply to its sheer size and heft. The hatchback design makes [...]

2009-14 BMW 7-Series

With its 2009 redesign, BMW corrected several of the 7-Series' few flaws, and added a host of useful high-tech features. Revamped iDrive is noteworthy for its ease of use. Competitors Audi A8, [...]

2009-14 BMW Z4

BMW's revamped Z4 is a reasonably practical daily-driver convertible, and a capable two-seat sports car for enthusiasts. Sweet six-cylinder engines, a classy interior, and a rewarding driving [...]

2011-14 BMW 5-Series

The redesigned 5-Series maintains its position as the auto world's sportiest premium-midsize sedan, while becoming somewhat more user-friendly in the bargain. No, it isn't as roomy as some [...]

2011-14 BMW X3

BMW's redesigned X3 delivers the sportiness and refinement you expect from the brand, in a package that's small in dimensions but highly versatile. Non-linear throttle response remains an [...]

2013-14 BMW X1

This "premium-subcompact SUV" distills much of what we like about BMW's X3 and X5 crossovers into a smaller package that's surprisingly accessible to those of lesser means....