1990-92 Pontiac Firebird

Firebirds can deliver plenty of performance, and the ragtops certainly have eye-appeal, but you'll pay a high price--in high insurance premiums to start with, followed by the lack of comfort and [...]

2005-10 Pontiac G6

G6 lacks the well-toned feel of a Honda Accord, the isolating comfort of a Toyota Camry, or the raw coltishness of a Nissan Altima. But it undercuts them all on price, especially with a V6 [...]

2007-09 Pontiac G5

Like the Chevrolet Cobalt, which shares the G5's basic design, Pontiac's coupe is a reasonably priced compact with decent handling response and interior design. A coarse engine and lackluster [...]

2006-09 Pontiac Torrent

A base Torrent makes some sense as a space-efficient people mover with attractive pricing. Overall refinement trails class leaders, however. Vague steering and sloppy handling take all the fun [...]