1996-99 Acura SLX

All told, the SLX delivers a hefty, rugged feel. Excellent detail workmanship is evident throughout the vehicle. Abundant passenger and cargo room and solid construction are also definite [...]

1998-07 Lexus LX 470

Some less-costly SUVs offer more space, but the LX 470 is highly capable off-road and as comfortable as any competitor on-road. If this Lexus falls within the capacity of your pocketbook, why not [...]

1996-97 Lexus LX 450

When new, an LX 450 cost some $7000 more than its Toyota Land Cruiser counterpart. Quite a premium to pay for the prestige of the Lexus name and the more attentive service expected from a Lexus [...]

1992-02 Isuzu Trooper

Rating high on our list of upscale 4x4s, early Troopers trail such rivals as the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee mainly in their omission of shift-on-the-fly 4WD (on 1992-95 models) and an [...]

1990-05 GMC Safari

Safari is fine if you need a beast of burden, but don't want a full-size van. As a daily people-mover, however, a front-drive minivan would be wiser...