2006-11 BMW 3-Series

More power and interior room yield a 3-Series that has matured without losing its sporty character. Expanded availability of AWD, too, has made it more appealing than ever. Base new-car prices [...]

2004-10 BMW X3

Base prices nudged the new X3 into premium-SUV territory. Adding desirable options anchored it there: A 2.5i with automatic transmission and Premium Package listed for about $35,500. A loaded [...]

2004-11 BMW 6-Series

BMW's 6-Series suffers all the typical coupe/convertible compromises, along with daunting new-car prices and a firmer-than-necessary ride. That said, any version is a joy to drive: surprisingly [...]

2004-10 BMW 5-Series

Overall, the 5-Series delivers a formidable blend of luxury, sport, and engineering. Prices were steep when new, iDrive confounds, and six-cylinder engines feel underpowered--outperformed by [...]

2003-08 BMW Z4

Ranking as a Recommended pick, any Z4 provides an excellent balance of performance, refinement, and driving excitement. Against prime competitors, the 2.5i cost as much when new as a Honda S2000, [...]

2002-08 BMW 7-Series

Smooth, powerful, and athletic, the 7-Series is virtually devoid of dynamic flaws. Spacious and exceeding comfortable, it delivers first-cabin travel by any standard. How you cope with iDrive and [...]

2000-06 BMW X5

All told, the X5 is the sporty "driving machine" of SUVs, but not a serious off-roader. It's short on cargo space and costlier than rivals of similar size, power, and equipment. An RX 300 or MDX [...]

1999-05 BMW 3-Series

Unchallenged in sporting character, these are the true "driver's cars" of the near-luxury class. Some rivals offer more interior room, but none are more refined or as sporty. Price is the main [...]

1991-97 BMW 8-Series

The 8-Series was a slow seller from the start, partly due to its being prohibitively expensive for all but the very rich. Used-car prices are no bargains, either. An 840Ci always made the most [...]