1995-02 Suzuki Esteem

Unimpressive in most areas, except for fuel economy, the Esteem does not deliver acceptable value. For not too many extra dollars, several good alternatives can be found, including a Honda Civic, [...]

2001-06 Suzuki XL-7

Prices might have seemed attractive when the XL-7 was new, but these SUV's were no bargain given their subpar refinement, labored acceleration, stiff and nervous ride, poor handling, and [...]

2001-03 Toyota Prius

Like Honda's Insight and subsequent Civic Hybrid, the Prius serves mainly as a high-tech alternative to a traditional economy car. Toyota's own Echo delivers similarly appealing fuel mileage, and [...]

2001-07 Toyota Sequoia

Sequoia suffers from all the usual big-SUV vices, but is nonetheless a strong competitor that merits serious consideration as a refined, well-equipped Toyota. Still, rivals match it in many ways [...]

2001-05 Toyota RAV4

On the whole, a RAV4 is more suited to suburban errand-running than to long-distance people-hauling or even moderate off-roading. Still, it's an attractive compact SUV. Many rivals offer more [...]