2011-14 Honda CR-Z

While the idea of a sporty car that's also a gas/electric hybrid is a bit puzzling, we can't complain much about Honda's execution of the concept. A CR-Z gets great fuel economy while being [...]

2011-14 Honda Odyssey

Some manufacturers have given up on minivans, but Honda came out swinging for 2011 with a sleekly styled people-mover that tops its esteemed predecessor in virtually every way. Even base LX [...]

2006-14 Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline blends pickup utility with carlike civility in a solid, sensible, Honda-style package. The light-duty design won't suit hardcore truckers, but they aren't likely to be Honda-shopping [...]

2009-13 Honda Fit

As before, Fit's strongest selling points are its impressive passenger accommodations and large, versatile cargo space. Sport models add a touch of fun-to-drive appeal. While new-car prices have [...]

2009-14 Honda Pilot

Though trucky on the outside, Pilot is as car-like as any vehicle in this class. That's a strong selling point, as this Best Buy's (2009-12) combination of performance, utility, and passenger [...]

2010-14 Honda Insight

While its silhouette too closely mimics Toyota's Prius, Insight is notable for its lack of hybrid fussiness. The instrument panel is fairly conventional, and unlike the Prius, so is the shifter. [...]

2012-14 Honda CR-V

CR-V continues to excel for its "just-right" blend of comfort, refinement, passenger room, and cargo versatility. An edgier look for 2012 makes it stand out from the competition. Though it's on [...]

2013-14 Honda Accord

In the face of ever-improving midsize rivals, Honda redesigned the Accord for 2013 with an admirable focus on maintaining the car's individual character. The Accord delivers tangible improvements [...]

2005-10 Honda Odyssey

Some mainstream minivan buyers might be put off by Odyssey's taut ride and by the daunting array of buttons and switches on the top-line versions. But this is a Best Buy benchmark for its [...]