2007-14 Jaguar XK Series

An enticing blend of grown-up performance and sporty luxury earns the XK Recommended (2007-12) status. The XKR adds even more performance and sharper handling. Rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz SL [...]

2009-14 Jaguar XF

Jaguar's XF traded the retro styling of its S-Type predecessor for something edgier. The XF offers a fine balance of ride and handling along with impressive powertrain performance. The XFR [...]

2011-14 Jaguar XJ

The latest XJ marks a shift in styling from previous generations, yielding a distinctive presence outside and splendid materials inside. Lightweight aluminum construction contributes to a good [...]

2014 Jaguar F-Type

At just over $100,000 our test car was no bargain, but it was stuffed to the gills with options, and perfectly capable of running with vehicles that cost far more. Most importantly, the F-Type is [...]

2000-02 Jaguar S-Type

Blending traditional Jaguar charm with modern engineering, the S-Type ranks as good value in an upper-crust sedan, though it's not as sporty as BMW's 5-Series. Reliability under Ford's [...]

2002-08 Jaguar X-Type

No, it's not a purebred sports sedan, but the X-Type is an acceptable blend of performance and Jaguar emotion. You also get the bonus of all-weather capability, with all-wheel drive. Producing it [...]

2003-08 Jaguar S-Type

All of these Jaguars are a pleasure to drive, with appointments and features that are worthy of the class. Prices were steep when new, but relatively low resale values compared to BMW, Lexus and [...]