1991-95 Plymouth Voyager

With all the revisions, Chrysler reasserted its minivan leadership against a growing number of serious competitors. They remained the best-in-class minivans because they were carlike to drive and [...]

1993-94 Plymouth Colt

Friendly both in everyday manner and in price, Colts should be considered by anyone shopping for an older subcompact. Differences between the two Colts and their Mitsubishi/Eagle relatives are [...]

1995-99 Plymouth Neon

All told, whether it's wearing a Plymouth or Dodge badge, Neon ranks as good value--and a sensible choice--among subcompact cars. Watch out for engine overheating or blown head gaskets. Both are [...]

1996-00 Plymouth Voyager

Basically, you can hardly beat a Voyager or its Dodge near-twin in the minivan league. Most families are likely to appreciate that extra sliding door, so it's worth looking for a Voyager that has [...]

1997-02 Plymouth Prowler

Simply put, Prowler is a sunny-day lifestyle statement, not a mere means of transportation. Once well-heeled buyers paying over list were sated, prices stabilized closer to sticker. Lack of cargo [...]