2009-14 Hyundai Genesis

Though the Hyundai name has little of the cachet of rival brands in this class, Genesis holds its own in terms of powertrain performance, and has offered impressive amenities at relative bargain [...]

2010-14 Hyundai Tucson

With this redesign, Tucson remains a strong value in the compact-SUV class, earning Recommended (2011) and Best Buy (2012) designations. Its blend of maneuverability, comfortable interior [...]

2011-14 Hyundai Equus

When new, Equus earned our Best Buy (2011) rating by undercutting the price of other premium large sedans by tens of thousands of dollars. Equus cannot match its German rivals or the Lexus LS in [...]

2011-14 Hyundai Sonata

Redesigning for 2011 put Hyundai’s Sonata at the forefront of the crowded midsize-sedan segment. All Sonatas, base models included, offered an outstanding features-per-dollar ratio, which is [...]

2012-14 Hyundai Accent

The redesigned Accent moves up a few notches not only in standard safety equipment, available features, power, and fuel economy, but also in price. As such, it's not the bargain-basement [...]

2012-14 Hyundai Azera

The Azera is something of a "step-up" vehicle in Hyundai's lineup. It's bigger, fancier, and more powerful than its Sonata sibling--not unlike the relationship of the Toyota Avalon to the Toyota [...]

1990-94 Hyundai Excel

While not the best of the bunch, which includes the more refined Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, Excels offer a lot for a far more modest price. For buyers on a budget, an Excel is worth a look...

2006-11 Hyundai Accent

Accent has one-upped most subcompacts by supplying front side airbags and curtain side airbags as standard equipment. These hatchbacks and sedans are hardly quiet, but they deliver solid build [...]