2011-14 Infiniti M/Q70

Infiniti’s M again leans toward the athletic side of the midsize premium-sedan market and goes even further when equipped with the optional Sport Package. Not surprisingly, Infiniti cites the BMW [...]

1991-96 Infiniti G20

Though capable and well-designed, the small Infiniti's lack lies in its engine department--neither as quiet nor as quick as expected, especially with automatic--and in the overly taut suspension. [...]

1990-96 Infiniti Q45

A worthy alternative to the big BMW or Mercedes, the Q45 lacks the charm of those European sedans but is beautifully built and lavishly appointed. It might not quite match Lexus for refinement, [...]

1993-97 Infiniti J30

A fine car overall, blending luxury extras and a somewhat sporty personality, the J30 simply fails to stand out among luxury 4-doors. All told, it lacks the polish and refinement of such rivals [...]