2008-14 Scion xB

Scion's iconic "box" grew from subcompact to compact dimensions, gaining cargo room, power, and weight along the way. In addition to producing a more curvaceous shape, this expansion also [...]

2008-14 Scion xD

Scion's entry-level subcompact offers a host of safety features and standard amenities. The xD shares the practical, utilitarian nature of its xA predecessor and xB sibling, but with [...]

2011-14 Scion tC

The second-generation Scion tC is unusually practical for a small sporty coupe, with good interior room and usable cargo space. On the other hand, its noisy cabin and pleasant, rather than [...]

2013-14 Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is almost in a class by itself. It has respectable performance credentials, a fun-to-drive personality, and surprisingly modest pricing. Other relatively affordable 4-cylinder [...]

2012-14 Scion iQ

This Scion aims at trendy young urban types as a funky runabout that's easy on gas, fits in places other cars won't, and is decent fun to drive. But it's really just basic transportation with a [...]

2005-10 Scion tC

In some ways, the tC seems a bit calculated for its intended audience, and there's a hint of cost-cutting here and there. But even over-40s can appreciate this Scion's blend of sporty [...]

2004-06 Scion xA

It may be badged a Scion, but the xA is pure Toyota. That implies solid workmanship and long-lived reliability, plus strong resale values, though it's too early to tell how Scions fare on that [...]

2004-06 Scion xB

The xB melds hip-hop style with box-on-wheels practicality in a solid, pleasant little wagon with the bonus of Toyota's reputation for reliability, durability and quality workmanship. As such, [...]