2007-14 Volvo S80

Stylish and comfortable, Volvo's redesigned S80 nevertheless cannot match the brand cachet and the sportiness or pure luxury of the best in this class. Regular six-cylinder versions trail rivals [...]

2010-14 Volvo XC60

Refined and loaded to the brim with expected and innovative safety features, Volvo's first compact SUV is a good one. Kudos go out to the company for quickly fixing the initial XC60's confusing [...]

2006-13 Volvo C70

Although it ranks a step below most like-priced convertibles for all-around performance, the C70 is a pleasant, stylish, well-built blend of top-down fun and fixed-roof security. A comfortable [...]

2008-13 Volvo C30

Volvo's sporty, fun-to-drive entry-level hatchback offers head-turning styling with a modicum of hatchback practicality. Easy to live with, the C30 feels "Euro-premium" overall. The version [...]

2008-14 Volvo XC70

Volvo's XC70 has its charms, among them a roomy cabin, refined drivetrain, and impressive build quality. The T6 adds stronger performance, though not enough to justify its higher price. With [...]

2011-14 Volvo S60

One of the sportiest Volvos ever, the redesigned S60 brings a new level of styling verve and fun-to-drive personality to the brand. In 2011, a limited model lineup of just one trim level and one [...]

2003-14 Volvo XC90

Volvo fans got an SUV to call their own, but most any buyer would approve of the XC90's carlike road manners, rock-solid feel, solid workmanship, and numerous safety features. Relatively weak [...]

2005-11 Volvo S40/V50

They may be a little too pricey and not quite sporty enough to snare the young driving enthusiasts Volvo targets. But the S40 sedan and V50 wagon are solid, capable, and--without the optional [...]

1993-97 Volvo 850

Though we've not been overwhelmed by the 850, it represented a good job of breathing new life into what had become an outdated product line. With the side airbags and turbo engines, it also had [...]