2002-04 Oldsmobile Bravada

Decent road manners make the Bravada better suited to typical street duty than the TrailBlazer, though the Envoy ranked as the best new-vehicle value in this GM trio. Rivals such as the Acura MDX [...]

1990-95 Nissan Pathfinder

To its credit, the Pathfinder provides precise steering and ample cargo room. It's also rugged and as durable as a Swiss Army knife. Unfortunately, the compact sport-utility market has stampeded [...]

1992-00 Mitsubishi Montero

Despite some appealing features, Montero has not been at the top of our sport-utility list, when compared with such domestic rivals as the Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevrolet [...]

1997-01 Mercury Mountaineer

We rate both the popular Explorer and its Mercury mate highly in the SUV league. Though engine choices aren't identical, the two models provide similar performance and accommodations, with sound [...]

1990-96 Jeep Cherokee

Cherokees offer a lot of temptations, serving as an excellent alternative for those who cannot afford a Grand Cherokee or Explorer. Next to something like the latest Chevrolet Blazer, though, [...]

1992-02 Isuzu Trooper

Rating high on our list of upscale 4x4s, early Troopers trail such rivals as the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee mainly in their omission of shift-on-the-fly 4WD (on 1992-95 models) and an [...]

1998-04 Isuzu Rodeo

With the V6, a Rodeo accelerates better than most Japanese rivals, leaning toward the "sport" side of sport utility. Prices are not cheap, however, and Rodeo has no standout features that put it [...]

2003-08 Isuzu Ascender

Though Ascenders match most rivals for pace and space, Isuzu's longer warranty doesn't fully compensate for a spotty dealer network. Additionally, Isuzu's financial woes put the company's future [...]

1994-97 Honda Passport

Though not lacking in features or capabilities, neither the Passport nor its Rodeo near-duplicate is quite in the league of a Chevrolet S10 Blazer or Ford Explorer...

1998-02 Honda Passport

Like the Rodeo, Honda's SUV emphasizes the "sport" in sport-utility. But Isuzu's version has outsold the Passport by almost 3-to-1. Lack of outstanding features sets neither one above the [...]

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