1991-98 Volvo 940/960/S90/V90

Base models are decent values, but both the 940 and the 960 have trouble competing now against such refined benchmarks as the front-wheel-drive Lexus ES 300 and Acura Legend. We've rated the 960 [...]

2004-12 Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedan

Rolls-Royce has long represented the epitome of luxury motoring, and the Phantom delivers on all that name promises. Those with deep pockets and a discerning nature will find value in the car's [...]

1990-95 Porsche 928

Expensive when new (priced at $74,545 in 1990, and reaching past $80,000 over the following years), the 928 remains costly today. Porsche fans may be eager to pay for their pleasures, but the 928 [...]

1999-11 Porsche 911

A 911 is relatively practical for a high-performance sports car, though BMW's Z3-based M roadster and coupe, and the Porsche Boxster, deliver similar thrills for fewer dollars. Not for everyone, [...]

2003-07 Porsche Cayenne

Cayenne impresses for Porsche-worthy road manners, engineering and solidity, and off-road manners. New or used, it's far from cheap, and the V8 versions' sometimes-ragged power delivery is very [...]

1992-95 Mazda 929

Overall, the 929 pales when compared to the Acura Legend, Lexus ES 300, or Nissan Maxima. Its V6 lacks the refinement and verve and the 929 comes up short in too many areas to be a prime choice [...]

1990-92 Lincoln Mark VII

All told, a Mark VII can still be a good alternative to the front-wheel drive Cadillac Eldorado, the Acura Legend Coupe, or the Lexus SC 300...

1990-92 Infiniti M30

A new M30 came with most everything expected in a luxury coupe, yet beat most rivals on price. Though comparable to an Acura Legend, the M30 isn't as much fun to drive...

1994-97 Honda Accord

Overall, the Accord continues to be a fine, solid-feeling family car with a refined, sporty manner. In fact, this was the best Accord to date. The new V6 was most welcome, but long overdue. There [...]

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