2014-15 Chevrolet SS

If a company is going to resurrect a hallowed performance moniker from its storied past, it darn well better be for a car that’s worthy of the name. And the SS most certainly is. Mainstream [...]

2006-13 Volvo C70

Although it ranks a step below most like-priced convertibles for all-around performance, the C70 is a pleasant, stylish, well-built blend of top-down fun and fixed-roof security. A comfortable [...]

2007-14 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Solidly built, Toyota's FJ Cruiser looks like no other SUV on the market. Unfortunately, the FJ pays a price for its exaggerated styling and off-road-biased engineering. Specifically, on-road [...]

2009-13 Subaru Forester

Subaru fans may lament the loss of Forester's quirkiness in this generation. Truckier styling and larger dimensions make it easier for Forester to compete with the likes of Honda CR-V and Toyota [...]

2010-14 Porsche Panamera

Porsche predictably aimed for the sporty side of the luxury-car market and certainly hit its mark. The Panamera also scores points for its cargo versatility and passenger room/comfort. However, [...]

2011-14 Porsche Cayenne

While nobody will confuse the Cayenne with one of Porsche's legendary 911s, this SUV offers a driving experience closer to that sports car than you might think. The optional Torque Vectoring Plus [...]

2011-14 Nissan Juke

Radical styling, a peppy turbocharged powertrain, nimble handling, and available all-wheel drive give Nissan's Juke a distinct, sporty personality that stands out among similarly-sized subcompact [...]

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