1999-02 Daewoo Nubira

Overall, the Nubira is an average subcompact from a company whose future is in grave doubt. Buy one only with great caution, and only if the price is truly hard to pass up. Daewoo resale values [...]

1999-02 Daewoo Leganza

Low resale value might make the Leganza tempting on a strictly dollar basis, but one of the reasons for rapid depreciation has been the unstable state of the company. Even before the financial [...]

1999-02 Daewoo Lanos

Though seemingly quite affordable, the Lanos isn't really all that cheap for a car that ranks only average in most respects--and disappointing in several major areas. It's definitely not a wise [...]

2007-10 Chrysler Sebring

As redesigned for 2007, Sebring was a vast improvement over the 2001-06 generation. New-car prices were attractive, with well-equipped V6 models starting below $23,000. Unfortunately, the new [...]

2007-09 Chrysler Aspen

Aspen may appear to be little more than a dressed-up Dodge Durango, but a smoother ride, reduced noise levels, and markedly upscale cabin trim make it a more enjoyable vehicle. Reasonable pricing [...]

2005-10 Chrysler 300

Acceleration with the 2.7-liter V6 is weak, but the boldly styled 300 is an otherwise Best Buy combination of performance, roominess, and value. The startling SRT8 outpowers cars costing twice as [...]

2004-08 Chrysler Pacifica

Pacificas aren't as roomy inside as their generous exterior dimensions suggest. Acceleration is unexceptional, and they move like a heavy minivan. Still, a Pacifica is more rational than most any [...]