2011-14 Porsche Cayenne

While nobody will confuse the Cayenne with one of Porsche's legendary 911s, this SUV offers a driving experience closer to that sports car than you might think. The optional Torque Vectoring Plus [...]

2012-14 Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an absolutely thrilling car to drive. Precise handling, exceptional craftsmanship, and an intoxicating engine are all hallmarks. Unfortunately, so are stratospheric prices. Few [...]

2014 Porsche Cayman

Some less-expensive sports cars challenge Cayman on a fun-per-dollar basis, and some like-priced competitors deliver more horsepower. Few however match the Cayman's range of strengths: road [...]

2003-07 Porsche Cayenne

Cayenne impresses for Porsche-worthy road manners, engineering and solidity, and off-road manners. New or used, it's far from cheap, and the V8 versions' sometimes-ragged power delivery is very [...]

2008-10 Porsche Cayenne

Cayenne amounts to a unique take on the SUV formula, emphasizing sport way more than utility. What else might be expected from Porsche? However, the price for Porsche's virtues-thoroughbred [...]

1995-98 Porsche 911

For this level of performance blended with such a renowned heritage, Porsche is practically in a league of its own. Yes, they're expensive; and yes, they require a certain level of skill to drive [...]

1997-04 Porsche Boxster

As a more affordable Porsche, the Boxster is mainly for those who appreciate a Porsche's special virtues. BMW's 6-cylinder Z3 2.8 is a more "traditional" sports car that's close in performance, [...]